Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dear Feet

Dear Feet,

I know you work hard to keep me moving. You make it possible for me to dance and to do yoga.  You make it possible for me to go on walks with my dogs, my coworkers, or my friends.  You take me to beautiful places, and meetings where I can exercise other parts of my body.

I love to show you affection when I can.  A home pedicure every so often and loving licks from the dogs at other times.    I love looking at you and seeing the beauty therein.  I think you are one of my most beautiful parts of my body, even when you have a bruise because I dropped a book on you.

I do my best to keep you warm with heat packs, blankets, and even thrusting them on my husband sometimes.  I do my best to let you breathe, especially in the summer when it is hot out.

For everything that you do, I'm truly grateful and I hope I show you that gratitude well.

With lots of love,


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