Friday, June 5, 2015

Remembering to push myself

Yoga is more than poses on a mat.  We are taught that what we learn on the mat, we can use in the world around us.  Recently I have been reminded of this lesson.

A few weeks back I realized that I became so used to bending my knees a lot in standing forward fold, due to tight everything in my legs, that I wasn't getting much of a stretch anymore.  I have been consciously working on straightening my knees enough that I actually feel a stretch once again.  I have to remember that only by pushing myself, will I grow.  

When I first started yoga, my forward fold looked more like a weird squat because I really was that tight. Through my own practice and teaching others, I'm much closer to that folding in half I am looking for, thanks to pushing myself.

Now, what does that have to do with life off the mat?  During this same time frame, a new opportunity was dropped in my lap.  I have been searching for a new job for sometime.  My growth has been stunted for a number of years in my current position.  A recruiter called me out of the blue, had a job that she was trying to hire for, and set me up with an interview.  I have had a few interviews, one I have even recounted on this blog.  After being at this company for six years, I felt out of sorts.  Lots of questions and doubts hanging over me.

Then I remembered that the reason I have been looking elsewhere is I am ready to grow.  Thanks to my practice, and many of my loved ones, I found the courage to make this happen.  While I am still not officially at the new place of employment, I have set all the pieces in motion and am waiting for that first Monday coming up very soon.

I am remembering to push myself.

Namaste my friends,