Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Completion of my Yoga Teacher Training

It's so surreal.  I can't believe that the 10 weeks are all behind me and the training is over.  I really bonded with everyone in the program with me, and I feel a slight sense of loss that we won't be spending every weekend together.  I am hoping to create a little get-together for everyone to come if they are available, but I need to figure out when a good time would be.

Also, after all the yoga we have done recently, I am taking the week off yoga.  Aside from working on my business stuff, and the final assessment, I am resting.

I signed up for two workshops coming up this weekend.  One is to help me teach beginners, and the other is or me to work on my adjustments more.  I want to become comfortable touching people before I start teaching.

I have plenty of info that I didn't get to blog about before, and now I will have a lot more time.  Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts!

Namaste my friends,