Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dear Home

Dear Home,

The place that makes me feel safe and loved.  The one true constant in my life, right now.  I can come home and relax after a long, hard day of work, but also invite people over and share my space with loved ones.  Allowing me to feel independent most times.

There is room for my dogs, my husband and me.  Room for the things that are important to me. Room to sleep, eat, and read.

When we bought this house in 2008, I never dreamed of how important it would become in my life. We spend many hours and a fair amount of money making it a home.  Well lived in and comfortable, warm and welcoming.

I know I could do more to maintain this home.  A little more maintenance here, a little more cleaning there.  Things to keep working on as time goes by.  Regardless, my home is loved, for all its faults.



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