Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yoga Anatomy: Spine and Core

This is the third anatomy workshop I have been to at the studio.  I love delving deeper into yoga and anatomy is a great way to do that for me.  I didn't do so well in my anatomy class in college, but having practical applications makes it so much easier.

We learned the bones, muscles, and some connecting tissue surrounding the spine.  We learned what truly comprises the core muscles, the spinal extensors, and we also looked at the diaphram, pelvic floor and Bandhas a little.  Finally, we learned some poses that would target the different muscles for strengthening and stretching.

We worked with partners some, and even though I went to class as a student instead of an instructor, we were all given the chance to give assists in each of the poses.  Since I am planning to do the YTT soon, it was a great opportunity for me to see how comfortable I can be while assisting someone, and see the response I get back.

I already knew I need to work my core more, but I now know a few more things I can do to change things up a bit.  I mentioned earlier that I love Wheel of Karma, so I will continue with that one.  Another great one to do, while not a yoga pose, is Mountain Climbers.  This will also enable me to build more strength so I can eventually work my way into a headstand or handstand.  Also, there was another suggestion I want to try, which is Dolphin Plank Pushup.  You move from Dolphin to a plank on your forearms.

Additionally, I need to work on some twists a little bit more to work the Latissimus Dorsi.  That would be the muscle I feel aching the next day after we do any twists.  This one, too, will build stability for the inversions that I am working toward.

Finally, I need to work on back bends and more back strengtheners.  I can do Bridge fairly well, and I already like Locust with my arms back to my sides.  They suggested swimming, which is lifting alternating legs and arms, so they are not the same side lifting at one time.  Also, I am still unable to do Wheel, but my partner gave me a modification that made it easier and closer to possible for me to do.  She suggested putting blocks up against the wall, and putting my hands on those blocks to give my chest and head a little more lift.  I still could not do the complete Wheel, but it was much closer.

All in all, it was a really three hours spent at the studio.  I learned quite a lot about the anatomy used for poses, and which poses to use to work the anatomy.



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