Thursday, October 10, 2013

Heart and chest openers

Last week I wrote about carrying emotion and stress in the hips and the poses I found most useful to open the hips more.  I worked those poses most days within the last week, and during class this week, I felt so much better.  My pigeon wasn't as excruciating as it was earlier.

This week, I determined that I need to work on my heart, chest and shoulders more.  I bellydance, and find that my chest and shoulders are tight, probably from working at a desk so much.  This does not mean that I will let my hips go, though.

I mentioned in my last post that Camel is really great.  I plan to work on that more and see if I am able to get down to my feet, instead of resting my hands on my lower back.  We also did Dancer in class, and I found that one works my hips, my shoulders/chest, and my balance.  So I plan to use that one more in my home practice.  Finally, in looking through a few different chest openers, I found One-Legged King Pigeon II.  I really think this one will help me with my hips, as well as my shoulders.

I'm really looking forward to adding these few poses to my practice at home.  I felt like I was in a rut for so long, and now I have found something else to try.  Maybe I will create some routines that I can alternate.  Do one routine one day and a different one the next day.

Love and light,


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