Friday, October 4, 2013

It is called practice for a reason

I read an interesting article the other day.  It was about things that students would like to tell their yoga teachers, but probably never will.  Some of them were spot on, and things I would probably say.  Things like "you always encourage me to do my best" and "this is the best part of my day."

One caught me off guard.  It was something like "I heard what you sad about feeling fat after class when you were talking to another teacher and it negated everything you said in class about loving ourselves."  Mind you, I don't think this is exact, and I don't remember where the article came from, so cannot link to it.

What I want to say about this is that we are all working on ourselves.  We got to yoga class, or meditation, for guidance and some sense of community, but it is our own journey.  We all have days that feel rough, and we all have those days where everything is going according to plan.  The idea is to not let those bad days get us down.  Just because that instructor said he or she feels fat today, does not mean that he or she is not trying to combat that feeling and realize that it is just today.  Tomorrow is another day, and you never know what it will bring.

Sometimes talking to others about our feelings is a way of connecting.  It is not always complaining, but being real with someone you care about.    We are humans and we are all trying our best to be better than we were yesterday.  It is a process.  So the next time you hear something like that, realize that the person saying that is simply trying to be better too.



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