Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Things I learned from class this week: 10/22/13

1.  Mercury in Retrograde can be a good thing.  Especially when you use it as a focus in your practice.
2.  Having a different spot in class is weird. ( I arrived later than usual and normally prefer a spot near the wall for my glasses and in case I lose my balance).
3.  It is really hard to focus when you are next to someone who talks the whole way through.
4.  I can actually do a side plank pretty well.
5.  Flipping  the Dog or Wild Thing is actually pretty cool.
6.  I really need to do a reclined twist more often.  It feels so good.
7.  Back bends are still really good after sitting all day at a desk.
8.  I want to do yoga at work during my breaks.
9.  I shop for better food after yoga.
10. I am still excited t do the YTT.

Love and light my friends,

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