Friday, February 21, 2014

Third Chakra

So far, through the few classes I've had on the chakras I haven't really found anything I am connected too.  I keep waiting for the right thing to pop out, but so far nothing has.

This third chakra is is the navel chakra and is called Manipura.  It is located at the navel or solar plexus.  The color associated with this one is yellow and the element associated with it is Fire.  This chakra is where we find out willpower and self-mastery, our self esteem, the ego.

When this one is balanced, one might find a healthy digestion and liver function, a strong core, stable blood pressure and vitality.  One might also find good discipline and self-responsibility, and that you are able to manifest your desires and like yourself.  If this chakra is out of balance you might find ulcres or gall stones, heartburn, diabetes, eating and digestive disorders, or adrenal burnout.  One might also feel stress, victimized, anger, guilt , poor self-esteem, jealousy, or even over controlling.

To try to balance this chakra one can use the Breath of Fire for pranayama work, or chant the word Ram. The mandala to focus on is given to the right (link).  You could try exercising, heated yoga, spending time in the sun, socializing, or working on a problem at hand.  You could even meditate in the sun.

Different asanas that you can use include Warrior II, Floor Bow, Challenging Twists, Boat, and setting the navel point.

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