Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things I learned from class this week: 11/05/13

This week, instead of a list of things I learned from class, I want to present poses I have a hard time with, and the reasons.

In the beginning of class, we always start in Child's pose.  I have a hard time with doing it like it's shown in the link I provided.  I have thick legs, so getting deep into this one is not possible unless I widen my knees out so I can get my torso between my legs.  This allows me to get my rear end a lot closer to my feet than if I try it with my legs under my torso.  This is a great modification if someone has larger legs or a larger belly, and can't get into the posture well.

Another one I find difficult is Eagle.  The arms are not difficult for me after an instructor taught me to raise my arms above my breasts, and then bring them together.  However, once again my legs get in the way and I cannot come close to wrapping one leg around the other.  I end up putting one leg in front of the other, to the point where my foot on my wrapped leg could be a kickstand.

Along the same lines, I have problems with Cow Face pose.  The arms are not the problem, but I can't get my knees to line up, like shown in the link.  My legs just get in the way with this one.  I do the best I can and pull them as close as I can.

I have a hard time with any bends.  Forward fold, either standing or seated, are rather painful for me.  Wide Legged Forward Bend is even worse. My calves are very tight, so I find these poses to be excruciating.  I still work on them, because I would love to not being in pain when these are utilized so often.  I even try to do the standing forward fold whenever I am drying my hair after my shower, just to stretch those muscles.

I still cannot do Upward Facing Dog.  I don't have the arm strength yet to do that one, so I do Baby Cobra instead (that one is about half way down on the page I linked).

What poses do you have a hard time with?

Love and light,

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