Thursday, December 4, 2014

Seventh and final chakra

The last chakra is the sahasrara chakra found at the crown of the head.  The element it is associated with is boundlessness.  Essentially it is any and all elements, so much that we can't comprehend. It works to create connection with all things, spirituality, divinity and realization.  It is associated with the colors violet, gold or white.

When this chakra is balanced, one might feel free of stress-related disease, a free flow of energy, and goose bumps.  Also joyful attitude, faith, empathy, balanced spontaneity.

If this chakra is out of balance, one might find neglecting oneself and not caring for oneself, and stress-related disease.  There might be fear, second guessing, lack of emotion, feeling scattered and unfocused.

To bring this chakra back into balance, one can meditate on the mandala here. One can try breathing energy up and out the crown of the head, or chanting a silent om.  One could try fasting, crystal gazing, worship, volunteering, or stream of consciousness art/painting without expectation.  The asana one can try are savasana and headstand.

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