Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stretching the Truth of Yoga

You have seen the magazine covers that tout the benefits of yoga poses and promise flat abs or the perfect sex life if you just use a specific handful of yoga poses.  It's sad what our magazine industry has done.  They stretch the truth about most things, and unfortunately yoga is not excluded.

I still get email spam years later from a magazine that I no longer wish to subscribe to, which brings up this post.  The authors claim so many things that certain yoga poses will do for you.  They have taken the popularity of yoga, re-worked it to make it beneficial for selling subscriptions, and don't bother to offer anything else substantive about yoga.

I mentioned in a previous post that if people want to go to yoga classes just for asana, that's perfectly fine.  It's still a part of yoga.  However, by going to the classes, you will have the benefit of an instructor who will show you ways to align your body that will reduce stress on your joints.  You will learn breathing techniques that will benefit you outside of the class.  By working through an uncomfortable pose, you learn that you are capable of working through uncomfortable situations off the mat.

This is what you miss when you try a couple poses thinking you will get the perfect body.  Sure, those little exercises might help you to get a more fit or toned body, but you won't learn the mindfulness that goes along with yoga.  Learning to eat food that makes you feel good, which in turn will help you lose a little weight per chance.  Learning how your body moves and just how special it is; that will help your sex life more than a couple poses.

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