Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The talk about town- patents for yoga

Currently, a yoga company has made waves in the different yoga communities because they have applied for a patent for the way in which they teach yoga.   I little background might be helpful in this though.  This company is an online business that shoots yoga classes so you can watch and participate from your home, office, hotel room, etc.  I saw some advertisements a bit ago on the side of my Facebook feed and even looked into it.  I really prefer having hands on adjustments available, so I decided it wasn't right for me.

Recently, they sent out a cease and desist letter to Yoga International, a yoga company that does similar things, stating that they are infringing on the patent. Yoga International came out, telling the yoga community about the letter they received, and everything blew up.  Now news about this is all over.  I feel like the patent is not truly legal, as it is not a patent on a new style of yoga, but a way in which classes are taught.  I honestly feel like they did this just to get their name out there, hence why I haven't named the company that created the patent.

So, it all brings about the question of patenting our classes.  Is it even possible to do that?  My Vinyasa classes that I go to are all about the same.  Granted, there isn't much room in there, and the instructors have all had their ytt at this studio.  Even still, there are only so many ways an instructor can set up class so he or she can get to any students that need adjustments.  Also, the students tend to work together to make room for everyone, so it is not just how the instructor sets up class.

Maybe there is a difference between regular studios and the ones that are filmed for viewing online.  I just don't see how they can try to patent something so basic, without coming up with something more unique to add to it.  Most people have commented that they hope the patent is denied, and I agree.  There are just somethings that need to be left alone, instead of made into a business to make money off of.

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