Friday, January 31, 2014

First week

I am in the middle of the first week of my yoga teacher training.  So far, we have worked on the sequence a little, getting through the integration.  I have practiced almost every night guiding someone through that.  I am more comfortable with it, and am beginning to get a feel for this.

We are required to take 10 classes at the studio during this course.  I managed to get one in today.  Now, only 9 more to go.

We learned some about the theory of Vinyasa sequencing. I have a better concept of what to put together to create a good flow.  That will take some time and experimentation, but we have a sequence to start out with, which I can always change up a little once I start teaching.

We also started looking at Chakras.  We started off that course of study doing a guided meditation, looking at each of our chakras.  I didn't see anything, but others in the class had more success.  I honestly think Tuesday nights are going to be the hardest (Chakra nights) because I will have already put in a full day at work.  So far we have learned about the first chakra, the root chakra.  Maybe I will do a post on that in a couple of days to see if I can process the information a little more.

For tomorrow, we have to memorize the Sun A section of the sequence so that we can lead it without a book.  That will be a little more difficult.  I feel like my memory is shot anymore.  I already did my little bit of homework we had, responding to a question that was posted in our forum after reading an article.

For Sunday, I need to answer some questions about the book How Yoga Works.  We will be having our first book club.  I completed the book, so I just need to go back through it some to refresh my memory.

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